• Maria Wagner


All month I’ve been percolating in my mind and heart Illumina’s monthly mirror, or invitation for contemplation: Thresholds. At first I thought of Thresholds in the grand sense: big awakenings, life transitions, rites of passage… I thought of Ganesh and how he guards the thresholds - like in the story of his guarding the door for his mother Parvati, and the return home of his father Shiva who did not recognize him… a story for another time. I thought of big AHA moments where we cross into a new understanding and are forever changed. But I keep being pulled back to consider the smaller moments of crossing over and through. I saw how many doorway thresholds are in my apartment, 7, and how many times a day I walk over each of them, and how these thresholds both separate spaces and connect them - distinct and different, yet joined. I thought of how when we walk from one room into the other, we make a small transition in our day - a new room with a new task and different focus - and how many times a day we do this, too. How sometimes I am aware when I transition, and many times, I am not. And then there are the thresholds even smaller and more frequent than this… the moments of space that link one thought to the next. The moments of pause that link one breath to the next. Separate, and yet connected. I asked myself, what is the thread through of understanding that all thresholds great and small offer us? It seems we have the opportunity to move through them blindly, or with consciousness. I am reminded that the smallest, quietest, and seemingly mundane moments can hold just as much magic as the grand - and that consciousness builds upon itself…. so that when we do stand at the edge of a huge threshold that will forever change us, and the choice to courageously move through or to stay back is there, the lamp of our consciousness will be burning bright for us to see the way. Lit by the accumulation of little moments, when you walked from the kitchen into the bathroom for the 10th time that day, feeling your feet on the floor, breathing the air, and remembered that Ganesh was there, too.


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