• Melissa Landers

The current of higher intelligence.

We are floating on the surface of a river with an unpredictable current...all illusion of control is washing away with the days and inevitable uncertainty. Although it looks and feels different...we’ve all been in this place before...the place of surrender.

Our inclination is to default to fear. It’s a groove that runs deep as we have been trained to “need to know” to feel safe. We have been taught to turn away from the wisdom of our hearts and turn towards what is tangible outside of the self. We have been washed and sterilized in a bath of disconnection and separation. We think we need to be in control in order to be ok. And so we lie to ourselves and each other all the time to protect ourselves from the truth. And yet we know the truth as deeply and clearly as we know our own breath. We are all one divine consciousness. We are all connected even in our separation of the physical body. We are all yoked together by divine love. That is a bond far greater than any we could ever possibly fathom in our humanness. There is no one true individual here. There is only us. And so we must transition from all our perceived differences and move towards a unity we can’t see or touch...but that I know we can feel even in complete isolation and solitude.

We are never not in the work of the human experience. And a lot of times that work varies greatly from soul to soul as each individual path to liberation is revealed. But never before in my experience have we experienced such a clear collective work. There is separation...and yet never before have we been all so connected. We are one in our existence...but now we are all one in our survival.

Now is the time to remember our connection to all that is divine and hand ourselves over to that source of unconditional love. To trust we are being held even in our darkest thoughts and moments. We are being asked to remember our shared divinity. To sit and stay still in the chaos, discomfort, and uncertainty. To be quiet. To listen. To retreat. To surrender. Not only for the self. But for the collective. We are being asked to float...to trust that the current of higher intelligence is guiding us safely home.



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