• OG Original Goddess

For the Love of God.

That’s why we started OG.

In truth, it was elusive for a while. Sweet whispers of what we should do from Source, coming in ways we weren’t able to discern.

We’ve been offering workshops and trainings on the energy of Bhakti yoga (the yoga of love, to put it simply) and Tantra yoga (weaving together practice to bring one to the understanding that we are the One) for years.

The ease of what “could be” simply kept knocking.

There’s no effortless way to define what OG is. It’s a feeling. You’ll have to experience the experience to know it for yourself. It’s not just one thing, nor do we want to give you hope that it will be EVERYTHING for you, even though it feels like that for us.

If we can translate it even a little, then: it’s a combination of ancient, spiritual teachings that bring us into remembrance of our True Self. The intent is you undergo a transformation of sorts ~ a feeling of all-encompassing oneness. We use sound that we trust resonates with the journey we’re on, representative of Divine power, and your own visualizations to bring you deeper down the path of love, truth, acceptance & remembrance of your Divinity.

We use music and moving metaphor to channel the clarity, consciousness and knowledge of the Hindu Goddesses and allow them to fuel the physical body and move in rhythm that matches its vibration. Intuition enters and everything works synergistically to release all that was so that you can immerse in only what IS.

Sounds lofty, right? Pretty yogic? We’re afraid to call it that. Yes, there’s asana (poses). Yes, you’ll sweat. Yes, you’ll stretch. Yes, you’ll breathe. Yes, you’ll flow. Yes, it’s vinyasa (if you’re defining vinyasa as “placing the breath in a special way”).


It’s more. It’s more than yoga. It’s more than a reunion with the Divine within (if that’s what you’re getting from yoga). It’s intimacy with your Self. It’s a communion of sorts. A sacred agreement that you will move into and out of your dance of choice. It’s a letting loose, a letting go, a hell-raising. It’s a battlefield you’ll traverse to meet and merge with Source. It might not be pretty, there might be some screaming, some crying. And there will be laughter and discovery. It’s an event, an exploration to excavate that which no longer serves. It’s a quest to uncover, discover, recover all of the darkness, the lies and secrecy and see them in the light of knowledge, of truth.

You are divine. We are, too.

This is what we do best. This gives us life. Our connection with one another, the way we offer from a heart space, it was all divinely placed. We were made to co-create these adventures. And while it’s a collaboration, a caravan if you will, and we’re all on the expedition together~ it’s as intimate an encounter as you’ll ever have.

by Kathleen Savoy

Photo: Jen Dean Photography


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