• Maria Wagner

Cauldron of Changes

October is here… we have passed over the threshold of the Autumn Equinox into the darkest season of the year. The season where the Dark Mother in all of her forms sits waiting for us with open arms, ready to welcome us back home. Seated at her cauldron she welcomes whatever we carry within us at this time… the uncertainty, the anger, the fear, the grief, the exhaustion, the courage, the passion, the joy, the hope… recognizing it all as essential ingredients to transformation, teaching us not to turn away from what challenges us, and to embrace fully whatever is. She invites us now to throw it all into the cauldron of our individual and collective awareness and not look away. She asks us to peer down into the thick, bubbling elixir building in pressure and remember that we are the keepers of the magic of spiritual alchemy. Just as the sun must dip behind the earth for a while before rising in our sky again, we too must dive into shadow now.

Of course the Dark Mother knows better than anyone that being able to see and surrender ruthlessly to the truth of what is with brave and steadfast awareness is the only way to begin the birth process of something new. We must stir the pot. We must feel fully without restraint, allowing whatever boils through us to take form as expression or within rest. When ushered into being through the energy of the Mother, the source through which we create and build upon is unconditional Love, but we must clear the way for her. This process of rebirth takes time and devotion, gentleness and ferocity.

Let us welcome her in… in whatever form she calls to you… as the night sky, the waning moon, Autumn, all mothers of the underworld: Ma Kali, the Crone, Chinnamasta, Ereshkigal, Hecate, Morrigan…and the Dark Feminine that cries out from within you….

The time is now to go in and go deep. To ready the cauldron. To summon the resilience to keep going. And to remember that we ourselves are the vessels of alchemy - the iron of the earth, the fire of change, the breath of the divine rising as smoke to the sky - midwifing all that must burn into ash, and all that must rise into being.

pc: Ashad Mallick



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