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Want to change the world one vibration at a time doing something you are passionate about? These trainings are for you! 


By jumping into an Illumina certification program, you will not only receive the tools to become a teacher of yoga, but you will also evolve on your own path as a conscious human soul. The Illumina training philosophy is the heartchild of Johanna Bell’s personal journey and her 10 year voyage training yoga teachers in more than 60 programs. Illumina’s primary teaching methodology revolves around the “Full Spectrum Approach” in which the teacher learns to bring all aspects of the human journey (from the physical to the subtle) into conscious conversation, both within the class setting and throughout his or her life. Illumina teachers will learn to create yogic experiences that dive beyond and through asana into the heart of what it means to be human. For more on Johanna and an indepth look at Illumina, please visit her site


So, you’ve completed a 200 hour training and you know you’ve just dipped a hand into the vast ocean of wisdom contained within the yoga tradition.  You’re longing to dive deeper…into the teachings AND into the teaching!

Illumina’s Full Spectrum 300 hour Yoga Alliance certification will challenge you to a higher vibration of instruction and a richer embodiment of the practices. Using the chakras as a lens for the layers of teaching and the art of personal practice, you will learn to invoke the conversation between all the disparate aspects of the self in order to reveal the wholeness, the healing, the YOGA at the heart of every experience. 


9 Immersive weekends

2x/ month Practicum, weekday evening TBA
1x/month Teleconference with Johanna Bell, Director evening TBA

Additional writing and reading projects


Jade Integrated Health

 1023 Washington Ave, Portland, ME


Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith, Yoga Spandakarika by Daniel Odier


  • Initiate yourself in the sacred healing power of the chakras/subtle energy systems.

  • Inhabit the landscape of anatomical form with more of an eye to therapeutics & the links between subtle & physical.

  • Immerse yourself in deeper awareness of Sacred Sexuality and the rebirth of the true Self within the context of Yoga.

  • Ignite an even more empowered asana practice & the ability to teach more complex poses & sequences.

  • Inspire your inner being with the Sacred archetypes of the Hindu Tradition & the art of Bhakti.

  • Invoke richer layers of vibration and inspiration within the art of sequencing a class.

  • Intensify your pranayama and meditation practice & increase your comfort in teaching these forms.

  • Illuminate the inherent wholeness of the Micro/Macrocosm through study of the Tantric text, Yoga Spandakarika & through the exploration of the nature of healing and Yoga as a Ministry.

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Jan 3-5: Introduction and Illuminated Sequencing I

Feb 7-9: Chakra 1 - Advanced Anatomy

Feb 28 - March 1: Chakra 2 - Rebirth of Self/Sacred Sexuality

Apr 3-5: Chakra 3 - Advanced Asana I

May 1-3: Chakra 3 - Advanced Asana II 

    June 5-7: Chakra 4 - Bhakti/Path of Devotion

    July and August off    

Sept 11-13: Chakra 5 - Sourcing Inspiration and Illuminated Sequencing II

    Oct 2-4: Chakra 6 - The Meditative Mind

    Nov 6-8: Chakra 7 - Tantra and The Ministry of Yoga, Closing Ceremony



Early Bird: $3900

($1000 deposit at registration + $2900 due 12/27/2019)


Full Tuition: $4240

($1000 deposit at registration + monthly installments of $360 due the 1st of each month)

We are honored to be a part of your journey.

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Johanna Bell Illumina Yoga Founder and Director of Teacher Training, ERYT500

Johanna is known as a teacher of teachers and an inspiration guru who mentors countless yoga instructors on their ever expanding journeys. She is a sequencing specialist devoted to the infinite creative and connective stream of each individual’s truth and is the founder of the Full Spectrum Sequencing Approach. Her classes incorporate poetry, moving metaphor and music in a rich orchestral way that guides the student on a soulful, sweaty journey into the heart of what it means to be human. As a counselor and healer, she is recognized for her ability to see the light, wholeness and infinite potential within everyone she meets. Johanna served as the Co-Director of Sonic Yoga in NYC and its teacher training programs from 2009-2014 before she set sail on the adventure of manifesting her heart’s vision through the Illumina methodology and curriculum. Illumina trainings are designed to be power portals and it is Johanna’s greatest honor to hold space for the  transformation and integration of every beautiful soul who chooses to step in. FMI:

Kathleen Savoy - ERYT500

Kathleen Savoy’s desire for expansion has truly been one unabashed discovery after another. Her search began early and brought her to New York City to explore the world of entertainment. While personal training at a New York Sports Club in So Ho, she took a class called yoga. It was there that she met savasana and found her new hOMe. After completing her 200 hour teacher training in New York at Sonic Yoga with the unparalleled guidance of Johanna Bell and Lauren Hanna, she moved to Maine. She later completed her 500 hour teacher training with Sonic Yoga and Shiva Rea. Since moving to Maine she found love, along with a way to more fully express herself and deepen into the sacred teachings of Yoga. Kathleen has an infinite capacity for joy. Love, gratitude and awareness are her daily asanas. Kathleen trusts the power of the body and the gifts it naturally beholds – from physical exertion to profound rest. Her thoughts and motivations are always anchored in full expressions of truth. Kathleen’s yoga classes take people on a full-spectrum journey through musings, music and movement.

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Melissa Landers - ERYT500

Yoga is a pilgrimage back into the self...the heart. Melissa discovered that pilgrimage while taking her first yoga class. The experience of being invited into her self and forgive, sense, feel and simply be, altered her in a profound way. Yoga became a means to connect with the rhythm of the beating bathe in prana and healing, and find a moment of freedom in the mess and beauty of living a human experience. Melissa knew from her first savasana that yoga would become an integral part of her life, as well as an important part of her work. It wasn't long after that first experience in which the path of teaching the practice opened up before her. Trusting her heart in a new way allowed her faith and courage to walk forward; to be vulnerable; to be seen. Melissa completed her 200 hour teacher training with her Niraj partner, Kathleen Savoy, and Jessica Kanuika of The Bhava Yoga School. She has since completed over 700 hours of teacher training with a myriad of teachers, and in a variety of styles including vinyasa, hatha, tantra, recovery, and trauma sensitive. Melissa earned her E-RYT 500 so that she can pass on to others called to the path of teaching yoga, what has been so generously offered to her; she is currently doing so with Kathleen Savoy, Johanna Bell, and Maria Wagner of Illumina Yoga. Melissa teaches heart centered experiences infused with mantra, creative sequencing and movement, an understanding of Hindu archetypes, prana, music, a deep connection to the breath, and an invitation to dive into the inner light we are all uncovering.

Maria Wagner - ERYT500

Yoga is an invitation to enter into deep and loving relationship with ourselves. I began practicing yoga in 2009 in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar with Melora Gregory. With a strong foundation in asana alignment, I discovered vinyasa flow and fell in love with the way that the practice embodies the rising and falling, always-changing nature of life. From then on, yoga became my path inward and outward to peace, expression, empowerment, and truth. In 2015 I completed my 200 hr teacher training in the krama vinyasa style through Sonic Yoga under the guidance of master teachers Johanna Bell and Kathleen Savoy. In 2017 I completed another krama vinyasa teacher training in Johanna's Illumina Yoga 300 hr program; a deep dive into the full spectrum of practicing and teaching yoga, and an exploration of all that it means to be human. In my teaching, I value an open and welcoming space, and encourage all practitioners to embrace their own individual experience. My classes are rooted in Tantric philosophy - the understanding that there is an innate divinity in all things - and are designed creatively around a specific energetic theme. We'll weave together asana, breath, meditation, metaphor, music, and intention to explore the infinite wonder of nature and this human experience.


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Marla Cinilia - ERYT500

Marla is a vinyasa flow/kundalini yoga teacher and tarot reader.  She has studied under Jonathan Fields, Lauren Hanna, Johanna Bell, and Guru Jagat.  Her teaching is a dynamic expression and intuitive reflection of what’s happening in the universe with specific attention to moon phases, cycles of the seasons and day-to-day astrology.  She believes that if we can align ourselves with these macrocosmic rhythms, we can walk our paths with greater ease and power.  When working with Marla you can expect strong physical sadhana in flow with the cosmos, psychic insight to illuminate truth, and self-empowerment through practical magic.  A clear channel for divine inspiration to flow through, Marla also reads tarot for those seeking a higher frequency existence and solutions-based wisdom for every-day living.  She serves as faculty on Illumina Yoga 200 and 300 hr teacher training programs and leads retreats both locally and internationally.  She lives in Kittery Point, Maine with her husband, Mike and their shining son, Bodhi.  In alignment with updated Yoga Alliance standards, she is an E-RYT 500 and YACEP.  Follow her journey on Instagram @marla__reads.