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Portland, Maine

Melissa Landers - ERYT500

Yoga is a pilgrimage back into the self...the heart. Melissa discovered that pilgrimage while taking her first yoga class. The experience of being invited into her self and forgive, sense, feel and simply be, altered her in a profound way. Yoga became a means to connect with the rhythm of the beating heart...to breathe...to bathe in prana and healing, and find a moment of freedom in the mess and beauty of living a human experience. Melissa knew from her first savasana that yoga would become an integral part of her life, as well as an important part of her work. It wasn't long after that first experience in which the path of teaching the practice opened up before her. Trusting her heart in a new way allowed her faith and courage to walk forward; to be vulnerable; to be seen. Melissa completed her 200 hour teacher training with her Niraj partner, Kathleen Savoy, and Jessica Kanuika of The Bhava Yoga School. She has since completed over 700 hours of teacher training with a myriad of teachers, and in a variety of styles including vinyasa, hatha, tantra, recovery, and trauma sensitive. Melissa earned her E-RYT 500 so that she can pass on to others called to the path of teaching yoga, what has been so generously offered to her; she is currently doing so with Kathleen Savoy, Johanna Bell, and Maria Wagner of Illumina Yoga. Melissa teaches heart centered experiences infused with mantra, creative sequencing and movement, an understanding of Hindu archetypes, prana, music, a deep connection to the breath, and an invitation to dive into the inner light we are all uncovering.

Maria Wagner - ERYT500

Yoga is an invitation to enter into deep and loving relationship with ourselves. I began practicing yoga in 2009 in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar with Melora Gregory. With a strong foundation in asana alignment, I discovered vinyasa flow and fell in love with the way that the practice embodies the rising and falling, always-changing nature of life. From then on, yoga became my path inward and outward to peace, expression, empowerment, and truth. In 2015 I completed my 200 hr teacher training through Sonic Yoga under the guidance of master teachers Johanna Bell and Kathleen Savoy, then 2017 I completed another training in Johanna's Illumina Yoga 300 hr program; a deep dive into the full spectrum of practicing and teaching yoga, and an exploration of all that it means to be human. I am now honored to be on the teaching faculty of Illumina Yoga's teacher trainings which are so close to my heart and have been so transformational in my life. In my teaching, I value an open and welcoming space, and encourage all practitioners to embrace their own individual experience. My classes are rooted in Tantric philosophy - the understanding that there is an innate divinity in all things - and are designed creatively around a specific energetic theme. We'll weave together asana, breath, meditation, metaphor, music, and intention to explore the infinite wonder of nature and this human experience. FMI: mariawagnerclarinet.com