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OG stands for Original Goddess. We create full spectrum experiences open to everyone and inspired by yoga that invite you to tap into your most primal knowing of the divine source and how it spirals in and out of your life as Shakti. Our practices are rooted in tantric philosophy, meaning no topics are off limits for exploration and expression, as tantra recognizes the divinity in all aspects of the human experience, light and dark. We weave together movement, metaphor, mythology, mantra, music, and self reflection to create with you an experience that takes you deep into the truth of your body and heart.  Are you hearing Her call? Join us.

(We believe that we all carry aspects of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within us, therefore our experiences are open to all gender identities unless explicitly noted otherwise.)


Deep Dive into the Abyss:  A Return to the Original Goddess

OG's signature experience invites you to explore the depth of the Tridevi: Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali. These Hindu Goddesses bring the paradox of light and dark, and when we seek to excavate that which keeps us lifeless, we unearth the forces that move us with purity into our divine power. No Goddess can do it alone. Calling on her sisters Durga and Lakshmi, we will explore Saraswati's shadow - the lies that we tell ourselves that keep us stuck in the muck of our minds and prevent us from moving forward from the truth. Weaving together mantra, asana, moving metaphor and music, we call on the power of the Tridevi and dance through a full spectrum yoga experience with fluidity, clarity, and grace. Are you ready to dive into the abyss?

1. 25. 2020

3:30 - 5:30 pm  -  Illumina East -  96 Avenue B @ 6th St New York, NY


Dark Mother Medicine

A journey around the four sacred directions of the medicine wheel guided by

Chinnemasta, Morrigan, Inanna, and Grandmother Spider.

Join Maria and Melissa for a four-week class series as we journey through this auspicious time towards the darkest day of the year. We will travel around the sacred medicine wheel, honoring the four sacred directions and invoking in the Dark Mother in her forms of Chinnamasta, Morrigan, Inanna, and Grandmother Spider.

11. 25. 2019

East/Air - Chinnemasta (Hindu)

Snow date reschedules:

12. 9. 2019

South/Fire - Morrigan (Celtic)

12. 16. 2019

West/Water - Inanna (Sumerian)

12. 30. 2019

North/Earth - Grandmother Spider (Hopi)

Mondays 6 - 7:30 pm  -  North Yarmouth ME​  -  Pre-registration required

$22 Drop in, $72 for entire series

Exact location will be emailed to you post registration.



OG is

Maria Wagner (left)

The Goddess is everywhere, all the time. She is the creative force behind all that is manifest. When I learned to recognize her around me in nature and in inspirational people, I began to recognize her within me as well. The energy of the Divine Feminine guided me into the pure power that arose when I began to accept myself unconditionally, to recognize my creative potential, to use my voice, and to own my unique gifts and strengths including my superpowers: clarity of sight and intuitive knowing. The Goddess wants us to see ourselves the way she sees us, through the loving eyes of the Mother, as the perfect expression of divinity, whole and complete in all of our messiness and all of our brilliance. 

Kathleen Savoy (center)

What I’ve come to understand about the divine feminine is that there’s no one way to be her. There’s no one manifestation of her, which is why she arrives in so many incarnations. She is primal, the first and highest power. She is creation and creator, she is Mother and child. She is dynamic, ever-changing, all pervading. It goes for us, as humans, that we can shape shift as She does. Daily, moment by moment, year by year. We ebb, we flow, we rise, we fall, we expand, we contract. For me, this is what it means to be a Goddess. To embody the Goddess. It means we make a decision to show up. Again and again. To birth and to break. We accept ourselves in whatever form we take. We honor the work that needs to be done to stay the course. This is who the Goddess is: from conception to conclusion, she takes the form of what we need, who we need, to support our effort on this earthly plain. The ultimate change agent, She arrives and lives within and without; she stands in front, alongside, behind, above and below. She holds us, steers us, is us. We are one. All of us, Goddesses. And all of us, each other.

Melissa Landers (right)

The Goddess entered my life with a thunderous rumble.  Prior to her arrival I moved through the world from an imbalanced perception of self and the world. Shakti permeated my body, mind, and spirit with a primal, juicy, and fluid shift in consciousness. Loosening my grasp on all things no longer serving...she ordained me with a expansive and evolving heart...awakening me to my deepest desires and truth. She sometimes enters with fierce grace and steadfast resolve...and sometimes she enters quietly and lovingly cradles me to safety. My path is destined to walk alongside the goddess...to share her gifts with the world...and to channel her wisdom...allowing what is divine and holy to move through me and all I do.

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